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Christmas 2018

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Unique Venues Birmingham presents

Harry Potter and the Book Rotunda

Bring your guests to a party inspired by the magi of Hogwarts, where you will dine at the centre of our stunning five-storey book rotunda, which will be fully themed with lights and theatrical sorcery to enchant you.

• Butter Beer on arrival
• Sumptuous 3-course meal or a buffet
• 1/2 bottle wine per person
• Tables dressed to set the scene
• Harry Potter background soundtrack
• Confetti cannons to get the party started
• A wizard DJ
• Photo corner with themed props and accessories
• Full bar and dance floor

Tickets: from £88 per person


Poached pear and dragon milk cheese salad with mead dressing and roasted dragon nuts (v)


Black treacle braised beef, confit garlic mash, honey and mustard Brussels sprouts and Mrs. Weasley’s homemade gravy


Roasted pumpkin, spinach and Forbidden Forest mushroom Wellington, confit garlic mash, honey and mustard Brussels sprouts (v)


Lemon tart, butter beer gel and liquorice wand


Coffee and mints