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Unique Venues Birmingham (UVB) has just launched a new venue finding service, Unique Venues Birmingham Solutions (UVBS), with the aim of keeping conferencing and event business in Birmingham. The new venue finding service is free to clients and offers an extension to the range of services offered by UVB.

As business continues to grow for UVB, they are unable to accommodate all enquires, and this is where UVBS steps in to continue to assist clients in sourcing a suitable Birmingham venue for their event. Before launching, UVBS negotiated preferred partnerships with a number of venues in Birmingham and benefits from their great insight into the best venues to suit clients. Ultimately, the aim is to keep the business in the city of  Birmingham, however the UVBS team know that their services will be utilised by clients looking to source venues in other areas of the UK.

Ropa Kungwengwe, newly appointed as Agency Sales Coordinator at UVBS, says “I was extremely delighted to be offered the role to join the UVB team to manage the newly launched UVB Solutions. I am confident that UVBS has the potential to develop and grow to become a leading event finding service for our clients seeking venues within Birmingham and beyond. Working in partnership with the hotels and venues in Birmingham offers a great opportunity to build and strengthen my knowledge of the hospitality industry as well as a chance to recognise how best we can service our clients. It will be incredibly rewarding to be an integral part of UVB Solutions blossom and flourish. I am excited to embark on the journey ahead and readily available for any challenges that may come.”

The specialised services offered by UVBS include:

Venue Finding for Events
Accommodation Booking Service for individuals & groups
Conference Management
Bespoke Hospitality Packages
Team Building Packages
Outdoor Events

Following the UVB brand, UVBS has stepped out a confident strapline to underpin this arm of the UVB portfolio: Unique Venues Birmingham  Solutions –
Not your ordinary but extraordinary unique venue find company.

Suzanna Reid Barreiro da Silva, Commercial Director, UVB commenting on UVBS said: “Over the past 18 months we have worked hard to develop a strong corporate and agency clientele to the unique venues we have in the portfolio. As part of our business strategy for growth we identified that launching UVBS was a natural progression for the UVB brand to increase the services we offer to our clients. We are passionate about Birmingham as a leading UK city for events and conferencing and know what our great city has to offer delegates, so this too made our decision to launch UVBS a natural step to business growth and to increase our profit which is returned to the community through the UVB joint venture.”