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Unique Venues Birmingham delivers a Christmas party in a box

Christmas in a Box - Unique Venues Birmingham

Venue Christmas Parties may be a ‘no go’ for 2020 but the team at UVB didn’t want their party goers to miss out on some festive fun, so have partnered with Moonlight and Mistletoe to create a festive concept ‘Christmas in a Box’.

Suzanna Reid Barreiro da Silva, Commercial Director for UVB commented: “2020 has been a challenging year for us all, and we love our Festive Christmas Parties as we always have great themes, parties and fabulous menus to choose from.  With so many of our local corporate clients home based working, we thought that our ‘Christmas in a Box’ gave them the opportunity to deliver to their teams a festive surprise, bringing the office party to their home office.”

With a choice of three packages, which include food, drinks, party popper and Christmas Hat clients can order online with a choice of delivery dates and times to suit the office Christmas party goers.

Everything is looking a little bit different this year, however this festive party concept from UVB offers clients a great opportunity to thank their teams for their hard work in 2020 and look forward to getting back to the office in 2021….and to a great party with Unique Venues Birmingham next Christmas.

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