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UVB launches live streaming virtual conferences

The Studio, UVB

Thanks to our virtual conference package, your important message, as well as vital team discussions, polls and Q&As can be collated and sent out to thousands of delegates worldwide.

Check out ourvideo to see what Live Streaming can do for your event!

How the package works

Attach this package to any of our theatre or event conference bookings to ensure a high quality of presentation and impressive staging in one of our stunning theatre or conference spaces. All without needing your delegates to attend our venue.

Included in the cost we provide

2 x CAMERAS One locked-off camera, set wide, to pick up any top table, branding or lectern. The other camera is manned so it can follow any movement of the presenter and provide close-ups.

1 x VISION MIXER Operated by a graphics expert to cut between camera shots and presenter slides. Both the presenter slides and presenter can be on screen at the same time, so their slide deck progresses live with the presentation.

1 x STREAMING ENCODER to live stream the event. The stream uploads to our servers where delegates can log into to view.

1 x LANDING PAGE We supply you with your own simple event landing page with a viewer window for delegates to watch their live stream. This landing page can be coloured in your corporate colour, can include a logo, and up to 3 sponsor logos.

1 x REMOTE TEST We can set up a short appointment where we can send some video and audio via the live stream you can then test the link from your side.

We will supply you with the link so your client can share this out to their viewers/delegates. We can also make this page password protected if required.


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